Welcome to the world of Daniëlle Bourne. Here you’ll find a mix of classical, minimal and soulful jazzy sounds. Mainly composed in beautiful nature areas around the world. My music consists of reflective compositions and of reminders for myself to live a loving, authentic and balanced life. Besides it’s also just an expression of random life events happening.

For years I was convinced that I’m a classical pianist, who doesn’t have the creativity to write my own music. I spent quite some time in the classical music world, studied in 2 conservatories for 9 years, playing in different music halls around the globe and for TV and radio. During my medicine studies I had an internship in Africa, where a hospital band played a few times a week for the patients and the staff. I started rehearsing with them and jamming. They forced me to improvise and show my voice. No concessions were made. They pushed me and stimulated me to open up. And they managed to! An amazing flow of constant music ideas arose in my mind and it just didn’t stop until today. I’m grateful that they showed me their passion for music and have awoken mine.

In the world today specialists are praised. Focus, focus, focus is the credo I’ve heard my entire life. But I believe diversity is the key for inner and outer health. Not only for human beings, but also for our nature. People like to know what to expect, but I don’t want to limit myself to a certain music genre, nor to a certain profession, nor to a certain culture.







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I’m working on my debut EP, which will be released this year. It is recorded on a beautiful Steinway in the Muziekcentrum van de Omroep. I’m grateful for the dedicated coaching by Denise Jannah.

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