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That’s great you are interested in receiving musical surprises and supporting my craft!

As a surprise member you will receive a mixture of:

  • exclusive pre-released musical pieces and songs; 
  • previous versions or drafts
  • background information
  • tutorials or music scores
  • behind the scenes 
  • polls to share your ideas and full permission to give your honest opinion 

The membership is for 3 months and you will receive at least 10 surprises in your mailbox.  

You can become a member for any price that feels good for you to support my work.

Because I’d like to be surprised aswell! 

After the check-out you will receive an email with further information to complete your subscription. 

Why I started this membership? 
To connect: Music is a way to connect. With your own feelings and also with each other. At this moment I’d like to connect first with a smaller audience so I’m able to connect with you all and see what the impact is of my music and get a sense of which songs really resonate. 

To share my workflow and insights: This can be interesting for creatives and listeners to get to know my workflow, inspirations and challenges. The way people write and create can be very different, but there are some similarities and challenges everybody will encounter. Creatives can get some inspiration and will feel less weird in their struggles and listeners will get some idea of the journey in creating and recording. 

To keep on going: As a creative it can be difficult to finish things. Due to distraction or perfectionism. So knowing there are members waiting for surprises will also stimulate me to finish things and keep on creating! (there are over 100 compositions waiting for a finishing touch..oops)